Welcome to GeaViva!

We are an eco base and camp on the Croatian island Brac, organising events and seminars to create a new culture in which we seek to live in harmony with the Earth and each other. Brac is the focus of a heart chakra in the Earth, which is presently unfolding, and an ideal place to meet people, relax and return home full of inspiration. Check out our news here and on facebook.

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The 5th International 'Lifenet' meeting "Celebrating our co-creation with Gaia' was a great success. Focussing on developing individual skills and gifts in geomancy, the participants had a wonderful time. Pictures
Upcoming events
26.11. Sewing Workshop
10.12. Healthy Cooking
31.12. Winter solstice celebration
14.01. Energy healing
12.-14.5. Drystone walling
21.5.-3.6. Permaculture Design
Workshops | Celebrations

Have a look at our eco cabin, which we are constructing this Autumn. It is a tiny, energy-efficient timber-framed house with locally sourced strawbale insulation and reclaimed windows.

Stone Circle Auditorium
Titled 'Honouring the power of the heart' we have created a unique performance space in Milna, Brac. Thank you for all your hands-on support and donations.
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Gea Viva - co-creating synergy living on Brac info@geaviva.net