Welcome to the Gea Viva Camp!

Our eco retreat camp on the Croatian island Brac invites you to experience nature with all your senses. Here at Gea Viva you can unwind, find inspiration and meet like-minded people. Our camp is open for group bookings and individual travellers, and we also offer a wealth of courses or events, connecting Permaculture, eco living, dance, Yoga and communication with the creative forces of the Earth.

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Stone Circle Auditorium
Titled 'Honouring the power of the heart' we have created a stone circle and a unique performance space in Milna, Brac. The island features a heart chakra in the Earth, which is currently unfolding.....more.
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Upcoming events

10.- 11. 5. Drystone walling
25.5.- 1 6. Yoga retreat
15.- 22. 6. Women's retreat
27.7.- 3.8. Eco building
24.8.- 31.8. Yoga retreat
15.- 22. 9. Women's retreat


Drop-in Yoga classes
from 6th May on Mondays and Thursdays 18.30-20.00 hrs.
Drop-in meditation classes
from 6th May on Tuesdays and Fridays at 19.30 hrs, and on Sundays at 7.00 hrs, except during events and retreats
Please contact Sabine on +385997493711.

New programmes 2019
Join us for our new rogrammes:
1.) Magic grove -personal retreat to take time out, reconnect with nature, enjoy Yoga and meditation.....more.
2.)Volunteering: Permaculture in Practice to experience eco-friendly living and get hand-on experience in Permaculture...more.

Gea Viva - co-creating synergy living on Brac info@geaviva.net