The olive tree deva

Monastery Blaca

Gea Viva workshop: Encountering Nature Beings
15. October 2013, Island of Brac, Croatia

Blaca Monastery

Opening - Communication with the being of the olive tree and healing exercise for contact with the being of the olive tree:

Settle down and close your eyes. Imagine and feel that you are a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Thus we are making a connection, introducing ourselves to the being of the tree – we come into resonance and we are opening a communication. (I felt my spine vibrates and resonates with the field of information and energy of the tree).

Healing: Herta made a​healing treatment of old patterns and fears that stand in our way. Thus we can clearly see and accept our divine essence, our forces are fully active and we can direct them in the realization of our dreams and visions. We have open a theme: To be a divine being - worthy of all that is given to us, supported by spiritual world, responsible and strong for all tasks, for all that what we have visualized to do on our life's journey.

On the way to the Blaca monastery we meditated to get the key, an insight about the place, that could help the place and us personally:

Meditation ahead of the Blaca monastery:
Open and feel our spiritual channel - ground it - connect our spiritual channel with the soul of the Earth. Grounding spiritual quality and strength in our body which allows us to consciously include our spiritual values​in daily life - We are all equally worthy divine beings. When we are open we clearly feel the call and support at all levels, thus we are able to realize our visions. (I feel that this is a quality of this place).

Relation to the story of the guide who led us through the monastery:
The Blaca Monastery was led by generations of priests who were from the same family. Niko Miličevć had no inheritor, so he wanted that the leadership of the monastery be taken by a maid who worked in the monastery (a laywoman). She was frightened of the great responsibilities and did not take over leadership of the monastery. Subsequently Blaca lost its power and importance.

Key insight for Draceva Harbour:
In the monastery is a painting of Jesus and the Samaritan woman: balance and union of male and female energy – on the painting they are shown in balance, they stand in a equal position to each other. Thus supporting each other. Position of the left hand of Jesus (finger that stands for element of fire is placed on the point of the body that is associated with the element of water). His right hand is directed towards the earth while the woman's right-hand is in the same position directed towards to the sky. Name of the painting is „Samaritan woman at the well“ (17th century) From Gospel of John - Jesus came to Samaria and at Jacob's well meets a woman. He asks her to give him water and he talks about the Water of Life– to meet and to recognize the divine in ourselves, in every being.

Key, insight from painting about Blaca:
Recognize the divine in ourselves.

Key, insight from painting about Draceva Harbour:
find a point of balance between male - female energy - a place of harmony and union - strengthen this place. Interesting that out of all paintings that I came across seeking for information, only in this painting from Blaca I see balance and union of male – female energy.

Manuela Kaniški