11th February
11.00-16.00 hrs

Cultural Centre Milna

Making natural cream

A multitude of industrially produced beauty products are at our fingertips, promising quick solutions. Usually their ingredients remain unnoticed, hidden in the small print, their declaration has no meaning to us and we do not even take their extended shelf life into consideration.
At this workshop you will learn the theory and practice to make your own natural cosmetics!
Snježana Gavranić is a hair-dresser, aromatherapist and Reiki practicioner, who trained in natural cosmetics in Zagreb with Saša Radulović.
Suggested donation: 300 kn

Information and Registration: sabine@geaviva.net, 099 749 37 11

with Snježana Gavranić

18th March
11.00-16.00 hrs

Cultural Centre Milna


Harmonizing your home

Learn how to transform the energy of your home or workplace to be supportive of you, your family or work colleagues.

You have probably experienced buildings where you felt completely at ease and had a sense of peace and connection. Being in such places nourishes you like a good meal and helps to increase your vitality.

Would it not be great to live or work in a space just like this? Yet, you might feel tense, tired, insecure or physically unwell at your home or workplace. Behind this often lie hidden phenomena, such as underground water courses, past events or patterns engrained by former residents.

At this workshop, you will get an overview of earth energies and factors that influence buildings. You will learn how to tune into places with the help of plans and photographs, analyze them intuitively and giving healing impulses using various techniques. We will address each participant's chosen place in turn, and will also suggest appropriate options to improve the physical situation.

Sabine Engelhardt is an architect and geomancer with five years’ experience in space harmonisation including Tesla healing.

Please bring the following:
1. Floorplan, address, and names of residents of the building you would like to work with
2. A few printed photographs if available.
3. Notebook and pen.

Price: donation

Information and Registration: sabine@geaviva.net, 099 749 37 11

with Sabine Engelhardt


22nd April
11.00-16.00 hrs

Osnova škola, Milna


Find your dance

Our movement is an interface with the outside world. Our chances of survival and success in life depend on how we move, among other factors. In this workshop we will experience ourselves as movers.

There is an ongoing dance between our inner experience and the outer world with which we interact. At any moment, either can take the lead. We will experiment with the movement as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

We move all the time, unconsciously while sleeping and with a varied degree of awareness during the day. The clearer and more expressive we are in our movements, the easier it is for others to ‘read’ them. We will explore how to improve our communication skills by fine-tuning our movement repertoire.

Our personality and our moods condition the way we move. But there is also a reverse relationship. Changes in our movement pattern can impact our perceptions and attitudes. In the workshop you will discover the Laban/Bartenieff movement system (http://bit.ly/2lKanbT). By applying its principles in dance improvisation we will try out new choices of movement, ones that we normally avoid, and explore ways of re-patterning our movement.

Elena is a communications expert, with training in Laban/Bartenieff movement system and contemporary dance.

Price: donation

Information and Registration: sabine@geaviva.net, 099 749 37 11

with Elena Prokhorova


2nd-6th May

ACI Marina, Milna

Children's boat building workshop

Without boats life on the coast was impossible. Built of wood and propelled by oars or the wind - boats merged the forces of man and nature. Each of them would emerge under the hands of hardworking people who knew their craft.

During this creative workshop, “StolArt” enables school children from Milna to create a boat with their own hands. Supported by experts, children learn to use their grandfathers' tools. Within a few days they witness the process of cutting the first plywood sheet to launching the finished boat!

The workshop will be funded by the ministry of rural development, the tourist office and cultural centre in Milna.

More information: sabine@geaviva.net, 099 749 37 11

with the association Stolart and the local school in Milna


12th - 14th May

Fri from 16.30 hrs, Sat 9.00-13.00 and 14.00- 18.00 hrs

Gea Viva site, Milna, island Brac

Dry-stone walling

Join us to learn the fascinating technique of dry-stone walling. This time we will create a spiral - shaped path leading to a stone hill, which will be supported by dry-stone walls.

This is our fourth workshop with the renown association Dragodid, which is nationally and internationally active in preserving the skills of drystone walling.

Look forward to fun weekend with a great group of people.

Lunch and free camping are provided.

Registrations: Sabine Engelhardt info@geaviva.net +385997493711

with the association Dragodid

10th- 17th June

Gea Viva site
Milna, island Brac


Creating the eco home or your dreams

This is a specially crafted course to learn about eco building at our beautiful retreat camp. It combines hands-on building experience, lectures and design exercises to help you create your own dream house! Be inspired by a multitude of techniques and projects you will see around the Gea Viva site, delve deeply into eco living while you are here and enjoy a supportive, joyful learning environment!

Eco buildings are designed to minimize their impact on the environment, by using natural, renewable or reycled materials, being well insulated and incoprorating the principles of passive solar design. By designing floor plans cleverly, it is possible to save a lot of effort, materials and money! Practicals will illustrate these principles and deepen the principles learned. These cover hands-on construction as well as design excercises that playfully explore your own dream house, taking your own project to the next level. In case you already have some skteches, a site or ideas, please bring them along.

On the Gea Viva site, you will find a range of inspiring structures: a greenwood and reed pavilion, a kitchen made from ferrocement, compost toilets and a strawbale cabin.....more.

with Sabine Engelhardt and others


12th- 25th July

Gea Viva site
Milna, island Brac

90-hour permaculture design course

This special social and food growing Permaculture design course at Gea Viva, Island Brač, Croatia, combines a holiday by the sea with inspirational learning.

Delving deeply into how we can use Permaculture to create rich beneficial relationships between people, communities and their surroundings, including how to grow food, build houses and create economies, while also enriching and taking care of nature, this course is internationally accredited.

Special emphasis will be put on creating a temporary community for the duration of the course, where we use social Permaculture tools to make sure everyone’s needs are met, so we can all enjoy living together in a joyful, supportive learning environment....more

with Rakesh Rootsman Rak and Sabine Engelhardt


5th- 12th August

Gea Viva site
Milna, island Brac


Women's Retreat - the wise self

This retreat gives you the chance to slow down and connect with your needs and desires. Steeped into nature, you will connect to your authenic self and unleash your wild, wise inner woman.

The picturesque, calm surroundings of the Gea Viva retreat camp and the waters of the Adriatic sea, invite you to delve deeply into nature. Experience its mystic and creative powers. Fall asleep to the sounds of nature, enjoy delicious vegetarian food and the Summer vibes.

Explore a new way of being through dance, meditation, gathering in a sacred circle, ceremony, art and connecting with the hidden layers of nature. More...

with Sabine Engelhardt

22nd- 28th August

Gea Viva site
Milna, island Brac


Dragon Dreaming Intensive

Dragon Dreaming is a creative method that helps you realize your ideas, alone or in a group. In this workshop you will experience how your idea (dream) is transformed into a joint vision, and attractive to others. Besides that you learn how dreams can be lead to action,  how to navigate your project, which factors determine it’s success or failure and how to recognize them.

Exploring all phases of Dragon Dreaming, we will create a joint project, based on inputs and needs of all participants. Learning by doing, you will be equipped with tools to persevere and refine your ideas when faced with dragons (challenges). To overcome blockages or win new project members and supporters, you will be able to use deep listening and charismatic communication.

This powerful technique and the beautiful environment will boost your intuition and creativity. You will find out how celebration and acknowledgment contribute to success and experience this through visiting special places on Brač and time in the nourishing landscape or on the beach.

After this workshop, you will brim with ideas and be versed in the magic of Dragon Dreaming for your projects and life....more.

with Ulrike Reimann

27th- 29th October

Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire,
United Kingdom

Journeys with Gaia

The magical time of transformation at Samhain – is a perfect time to honour the beautiful workings of Gaia and her rich tapestry of life.

In a lovingly crafted and co-created workshop, we will engage with, and receive wisdom from the landscapes, wildlife and beings that surround us.
Join us for a magical weekend of discovery, meditation, and inspiration as we jointly connect with, give thanks for, and take wisdom from Gaia....more.

This workshop will be led by Sabine Engelhardt an ecologist, geomancer, founder of the Gea Viva project, and Clive Johnson an interfaith minister, labyrinth facilitator, retreat host and author.

Cost: £295 shared / £360 single until 23rd July 2017, £320 shared/ £385 single thereafter. Includes teaching, food and accommodation.

Registration and more information:
phone: 020 8816 7907

with Clive Johnson and Sabine Engelhardt