We will receive funding from the ministry of rural developent to run this workshop from 2nd-6th May in cooperation with the school in Milna and the assocation Stolart. Well done, Manuela Kaniški for having written the application!

Without boats life on the coast was impossible. Built of wood and propelled by oars or the wind - boats merged the forces of man and nature. Each of them would emerge under the hands of hardworking people who knew their craft.

During this creative workshop, “StolArt” enables school children from Milna to create a boat with their own hands. Supported by experts, children learn to use their grandfathers' tools. Within a few days they witness the process of cutting the first plywood sheet to launching the finished boat!

The workshop will be funded by the ministry of rural development, the tourist office and cultural centre in Milna.

More information: sabine@geaviva.net, 099 749 37 11