Many times over the last few years money has been very tight to keep Gea Viva running, and sometimes it was on my mind that I might need to find a day job to secure an income. Whenever I meditated, messages were 'Your task is this project. You are on your path. Money will start flowing.', and so it happened - just like a miracle. Gea Viva received two donations of 5000 Euros from an Austrian gentleman on recommendation of the geomancer Marko Pogačnik. No one directly involved in Gea Viva knows him. A big thank you!

Now we can prepare the site for the Lifenet meeting, our biggest event this year, build an event tent, finish the kitchen and get a basic supply of electricity. With the tent, the structural engineer Ante Runjić from Split is kindly giving his services free of charge. Low and behold, we already have a reservations for the tent in Summer by a group from Slovenia holding an Acro Yoga workshop.

This year the 72-hour permaculture design course taught by Miroslav Kiš is booking well, but we still have some places. It will be great to have another Permaculture group on site. Registrations for the Lifenet meeting are open until 1st April, and I am sure it will be an inspiring festival. After the meeting, Marko Pogačnik will offer a three-day geomancy excursion in Split and Imotski.

In case anyone drives from Germany to Croatia before June, and has some space in their car, please get in touch as we need to buy some things for the conference.

Love, Sabine Engelhardt, Manuela Kaniški and the Gea Viva team