May your dreams come true this year! This is a section of an artpiece Saša Petejan created at the Gea Viva site for what she would like to invite into her life this year. Three of us deeply connected with what we would each like to experience in the next twelve months. In this exercise I got the sense that for the network of people around the Gea Viva project it is important to cooperate with the plant kingdom, to celebrate and to create ceremonies and to find new ways of interacting within the human community and with the natural world.

Only a few days of the new year have passed, and we are head over heels into our new projects. You are warmly invited to join us for any of these events in Milna on the island Brac:

   20th-21st February Felting wool with Vesna Jakic, Ruta, island Cres.
   20th March Collecting and preparing Wild plants with Tija Mlinac, Sutivan, island Brac.
   17th and 18th April Introduction to Permaculture with Sabine Engelhardt, Gea Viva, Brac.
   25th-27th April Creating a mosaic dragon II with Robert Lisac, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
   8th-9th May Repairing traditional stone shelters and drystone walls with Filip Bubalo, Dragodid, island Vis.
   9th-21st May Volunteercamp to create a Summer kitchen
   23rd May-5th June 72-hour permaculture design course with Karmela and Miroslav Kiš supported by Sabine Engelhardt
   5th-6th June Constructing solar thermal panels with  Faton Berzati, association ZMAG, Dubranec
   20th-26th June Meeting the goddess with Sabine Engelhardt, Gea Viva.
   31st July Resonance trance concert with Tea Smonker Selena, Ljubljana,  Marko Boško and Dejo Lif, Zagreb
   1st-6th August Gong baths with Tea Smonker Selena, Ljubljana and Marko Boško, Zagreb

We will also celebrate year festivals in the stone circle auditorium. For more information about seminars and events, please visit our website. Outside these times you can also come to volunteer you can camp on site as a guest.

We are looking forward to all the encounters, events and happy times this year!

Sabine Engelhardt, Manuela Kaniški and the Gea Viva team.