mosaicdragon.jpg Amongst the 18 projects supported by the ministry of rural development is our seminar series 'Sustainability on the island - past, present, future!", which will take place int he first half of next year in co-operation with association Dragodid, the local school and the cultural centre in Milna.

The seminars will be:

  • 'Felting' by the association Ruta from the island Cres,
  • 'Edible wild plants' by Tija Mlinac,
  • 'Maintaining traditional dry-stone houses' by the association Dragodid from the island Vis,
  • 'Constructing solar thermal panels' by the association ZMAG and
  • an 'Introduction to Permaculture gardening' by Sabine Engelhardt.

Well done, Manuela Kaniški, who did the lion share of writing the application!

Article in Croatian.