geavivateam.png From 20th-27th September six of us (Manuela Kaniški, Annette Frederking, Ingrid Tasch, Urša Vidic, Manuela Geisler and Sabine Engelhardt) met for the project 'Hercules - a hero's journey'. We explored the deeper meaning Hercules and his labours, their significance for us today and we visited places on Brač that embody qualities and principles we found. Hercules is significant on many levels, for example it is the principle to grow and stretch beyond what one would find easy to accomplish and to tackle challenges that appear impossible to surmount, to take a journey to become 'god-like', in terms of consciously creating one's life experiences and to co-operate with forces and beings on many levels. To all our surprise, Hercules showed himself several times in our meditation as quite small beings that needs our support and recognition. The whole projected started with a Hercules relief, that was carved in Roman times in the quarry of Splitska on Brač, from where stone was quarried for the Diocletian palace in Split.