brac_-_certifikati1.jpg Miroslav and Karmela Kiš taught the first international 72-hour permaculture design course on site. Tomislav Tiška held a guest lecture about hempcrete building and Sabine Engelhardt offered meditations on how to connect with nature and gave a lecture on geomancy. We had joint meals prepared by Sigrid Jansen and Sabine Engelhardt, Volker Sieber took care of many tasks on site. The majority of the course was theoretical, but we also planted a vegetable garden in the Venus flower, learnt how to take care of the newly planted trees....and at the end all participants answered that they would recommend the course to others! Congratulations to Magrit Putchky, Mirka Baaden, Tonci Zaknich, Kathrin Ruppert, Holly Cummings, Miriam Wendlik, Ursina Mueller, Jelena Vukovic who received their certificates. Permaculture is a way of life that balances the three principles of earth care, people care and fair shares by applying what we can learn from nature. Photos