spring.png Spring equinox greetings from Brač! We celebrated here in the stone circle on 22.03.

Almost all trees we planted around New Year are now sprouting, and this is truly wonderful to witness. The rainwater cistern on site is completed, and the building office has legalized the two existing structures on site, so the possibility to construct a legal building is very close now. Of the 130 olive trees on site, I have now pruned 126, and after 2 1/2 months the end of this work is in sight and the little vegetable garden shows the first signs of life......

....and there is a lot to look forward to: A few people have signed up for the workshop to build the auditorium seating from 22.4.-4.5. If anyone of you is still free to join, we would be very pleased. Various contractors said it will take about three months to build the seating, so if you want to come any other time, your are warmly welcome. In mid-May Klaus-Dieter Straub and Vanya Krönke-Sprick will come to set up a Venus flower, linked to this planet of love in the lower garden.

Then the experienced Permaculture Gardeners Karmela and Miroslav Kiš offer a 72-hour permaculture course. We will be a wonderful international crew, and I am sure we will have a great time.

For Midsummer we will have a retreat on site, and our focus will be communicating with plants. This is a chance to learn how to tune into plants. Recently I picked up the book again about the Findhorn Garden, where people grew giant vegetables by communication with the nature spirits in the 60's.

In Summer there will be meditations and tours of the circle, and we have an amazing mosaic project with the artist Robert Lisac.

Thank you all for your support on all levels.

Love, Sabine Engelhardt, Manuela Kaniški and the Gea Viva Team www.geaviva.net