Geopuncture "Experiencing Oneness - co-creating synergy living"

IMG_4486.JPG At the 'Park Prirode' near Sutivan on the island of Brac construction works are in progress. 7 km west from the ferry port of Supetar, Park Prirode is a nature park is a place to relax and enjoy. Its new addition is the Geopuncture „Experiencing Oneness-co-creating synergy living“. The geopuncture consists of stones with carved reliefs called cosmogrammes and offers the possibility to take a break - breathe in and deep experience of our own connection and oneness with nature. This is a unique place and opportunity for visitors of the island to start their vacation more aware of our nature and nature of this island. The Geopuncture was designed and created in September 2012 by Gea Viva Team: Sabine Engelhardt, Wolfgang A. Tiller, Laissa Kap, Alda Gerchi, Johanna Heer-Weber, Margan Kalb, Martina Mayer, Monika Maierhofer, Andro Nigoević, Urša Vidic, Markus Struever and Salvatore Cali.

The cosmogrammes on the stones 'speak' about aspects that are of importance to all of us; such as opening one's heart, being connected with the Divine, bravely walking through the portals of the future, the wisdom of heaven, recognising plants and animals as our companions, connecting with the sea and the co-creation between male and female.

Here are photos of the Geopuncture.

The language of cosmogrammes is also called a „Green language“. We use this language to communicate with the subtle dimensions of existence and then translate and express these dimensions in the material, physical realm. Our reality is multidimensional, we exist, work, live in the physical world that we experience with our five senses, but at the same time we exist, work, live and are a part of the subtle dimensions: spiritual, emotional dimensions and vital-energy fields. Each of us can directly experience these dimensions through and with his subtle body. This is a living, dynamic language of primeval and pristine power, that connects and communicates with human beings as well as the landscape. This way of communication allows people across different cultures and bridge centuries to discuss and share ideas about the universe and each person's place in it. It allows us to communicate with nature and explore our relationship and connection with the landscape, we are in. For many, this language is nothing more than a series of symbols and phrases, but for those with ears that “hear”....or maybe we could say hEARt it is a means for communication. One reason for the term 'green' language is that the heart centre, or chakra is green when it is fully open. The tunes and vibrations of this language reach well beyond the ear and into the very core of our being.... right into the heart. This is the portal to experience ourselves purely and directly as well as nature as an inseparable part or us.

The nature park and Geopuncture invite all of us to communicate with the language of the heart, to experience unity in ourselves and to be connected with our divine being. It invites us to belong to and fell united with the landscape and everything around us.|L|IMG_4486.JPG, Mar 2014))

Manuela Kaniški