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Stone Circle Auditorium

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Sunday, October 12 2014

Annette Frederking created a wonderful new cosmogramme for the Stone circle auditorium

giving-receiving.jpg "Giving and Receiving: In our time a lot of suffering arises due to egotistical, aggressive and unbalanced taking. This cosmogramme gives an impulse for the interplay of giving and receiving. It strengthens our trust, that we receive all we require and shows the fullfillment that lies in giving." Annette Frederking

Thursday, June 19 2014

Drystone walling workshop 23th-24th May


Led by Filip Bubalo from the NGO Dragodid, fifteen of us took to renewing the drystone walling around the stone circle auditorium at the Gea Viva site. We built a retaining wall and seating completely without mortar! Pupils from the school in Milna joined us for a few hours to learn about this traditional and ecological technique that forms part of Croatia's heritage. Pictures Here is more information about Dragodid in Croatian and the post on the school's website.

Saturday, May 3 2014

Building the stone circle auditorium

IMG_5112.JPG So far over twenty people got their hands dirty to build the stone circle auditorium and four rows are almost finished. A big thank you to Manuela Kaniski, Sabine von Holten, Danijel Golobic, Marina Petrovic, Ina Rose, Goranka Pagon, Mario Pavlovic, Stipe Pavlovic, Ante, Tihomir, Ina Rose, Gabrijela Zec, Josip, Josip Paškov, Mojca Cerovsek, Primoz Leben, Damir Mitraković, Sandra Remetin, Sibila Kara, Branko and Dorijan! We have done a great job!

Saturday, March 1 2014

Crowdfunding campaign sucessful!

auditorium.jpg Time to celebrate. We have raised the necessary funding to construct the seating for the stone circle auditorium. Thank you to everyone who supported us through donations, meditations, encouragement and sharing of information. Construction will commence after Easter, and you are very welcome to join us for our construction workshop from 22.4.-4-5.

We still need to find some additional funding to install solar panels, and for this we are still collecting donations. Donate.

The Gea Viva Team

Crowdfunding campaign for the Stone Circle Auditorium

auditorium2.jpg Become part of creating this amazing performance space in nature! To construct seating and lighting, we are currently collecting donations through the crowdfunding platform Ulule. Our project has been selected by the Ulule team and features prominently on the site. We need your help to make this happen. Please support us with your donation by 31.01.2014, by sharing the news or by helping with its construction.

Here is more information:

Manuela Kaniški, Sabine Engelhardt and the Gea Viva Team

Celebrating the power of the heart

geopuncturebrac1.jpg We have realised the first phase of a project on the Gea Viva site: a stone circle that will become an auditorium for outdoor activities and events. An international group of seven artists have created and carved reliefs (cosmogrammes) to the theme 'Celebrating the power of the heart'. This project works as an Earth accupuncture that supports us and nature to unfold our heart qualities. It also helps to transform outdated patterns that are key for humanity and the Earth. The six standing and two lying stones feature fourteen cosmogrammes with aspects of heart qualities. The stone circle is fifteen minutes' walk from Milna on the island Brač and open for visits and events. Thank you to Urša Vidic, Margan D. Kalb, Manuela Kaniški, Annette Frederking, Ingrid Tasch and Ivana Petan for your cooperation. Here are a film, photos and the brochure in English, Croatian and German.

Sabine Engelhardt