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Sunday, October 12 2014

The second phase of the dragon

Ilonkavukas.jpg The mosaic artist Ilonka Vukas from Stuttgart came to lead an impromptu workshop to advance our dragon lady, which Robert Lisac had started to create. Here are some photos of her wonderful additions. She is a great teacher and has the idea to set up a unique camp site on the Croatian coast. More will follow. Robert Lisac is planning to come back in April to finish the sculpture, and volunteers are warmly welcome. We will keep you posted.

Friday, September 12 2014

Our roundwood pavilion is completed

pavilion.png This is my first building as an architect in Croatia! Thank you to Mario of Kralj Trske and Zelko Storek. Our pavilion looks wonderful. The roof covering is reed, which grows in the Neretva region, about 90 km from here. The posts are local pine treated with Borax and Linseed oil. Sabine Engelhardt Pictures

A giant dragon sculpture!

zmaj.png A giant dragon is emerging on site. Thank you to the mosaic artist Robert Lisac who led the workshop and to Morana Depoli, Volker Sieber, Sanja Zivkovic, Magdalena Jankovic, Meri Sodan, Doris Aviani, Josip Antunijevic, Tihomir, Metod Horjak, Katjuša Masnec Horjak, Jure Bizjak Feniksovo Srce and Bogdan Kreščišin who contributed to our very special creation. Spending time on the Gea Viva site, was for Metod and Katjuša "Our best holiday ever!" Wonderful! In Geomancy, by the way, dragons stand for primal earth forces and for creativity and sexuality in us humans. St. George is the patron saint of the island Brač, and kills the dragon. Our dragon is just reawakening and symbolizes respect for and creative cooperation with the Earth. Pictures

More information about Robert Lisac (in Slovenian).

Thursday, June 19 2014

Building a roundwood pavilion

pavilion.jpg To prepare for the permaculture course, we constructed a pavilion from local pine on the Gea Viva site. It is treated with Borax and linseed oil. The present plan is to finish the roof with reed. Thank you to everyone who joined in. Pictures

Creating a venus flower

venusflower.jpg Thanks to the fabulous creation of Klaus-Dieter Straub and Volker Sieber, we now have a Venus flower on site. It depicts the path the Venus takes around the sun seen from the Earth, and is a wonderful place for a walking meditation and pulses with subtle energy. Vanya Krönke-Sprick was the loving support of all. Pictures Sabine Engelhardt

Saturday, March 1 2014

Greening the Gea Viva site

treeplanting.png In Winter 2013-2014 we planted about 60 fruit trees and 10 olive trees, in addition to the 130 olives on site. The fruit trees form part of a permaculture garden, that is evolving on site. They are all old species from specialist nurseries. To water them during the Summer, we are in the process of construction a rainwater cistern. Around the auditorium, a meditation garden is evolving with indigenous herbs that can tolerate drought.

Sabine Engelhardt