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Monday, October 13 2014

Gea Viva's activities are being funded by the Croatian government

mosaicdragon.jpg Amongst the 18 projects supported by the ministry of rural development is our seminar series 'Sustainability on the island - past, present, future!", which will take place int he first half of next year in co-operation with association Dragodid, the local school and the cultural centre in Milna.

The seminars will be:

  • 'Felting' by the association Ruta from the island Cres,
  • 'Edible wild plants' by Tija Mlinac,
  • 'Maintaining traditional dry-stone houses' by the association Dragodid from the island Vis,
  • 'Constructing solar thermal panels' by the association ZMAG and
  • an 'Introduction to Permaculture gardening' by Sabine Engelhardt.

Well done, Manuela Kaniški, who did the lion share of writing the application!

Article in Croatian.

Thursday, June 19 2014

72-hour permaculture design course 2014

brac_-_certifikati1.jpg Miroslav and Karmela Kiš taught the first international 72-hour permaculture design course on site. Tomislav Tiška held a guest lecture about hempcrete building and Sabine Engelhardt offered meditations on how to connect with nature and gave a lecture on geomancy. We had joint meals prepared by Sigrid Jansen and Sabine Engelhardt, Volker Sieber took care of many tasks on site. The majority of the course was theoretical, but we also planted a vegetable garden in the Venus flower, learnt how to take care of the newly planted trees....and at the end all participants answered that they would recommend the course to others! Congratulations to Magrit Putchky, Mirka Baaden, Tonci Zaknich, Kathrin Ruppert, Holly Cummings, Miriam Wendlik, Ursina Mueller, Jelena Vukovic who received their certificates. Permaculture is a way of life that balances the three principles of earth care, people care and fair shares by applying what we can learn from nature. Photos

Saturday, March 1 2014

Encountering nature beings

dracevaluka.png Manuela Kaniški, Hertha Weik and I met in October 2013 for our walking holiday 'Encountering nature beings'. It was a beautiful time of learning, exploration and enjoyment. Here are photos by all of us and Manuela's account of our visit to the Blaca monastery.

Sabine Engelhardt