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Friday, July 24 2015

Resonance trance concert 31.7. and Gong baths 1.-6.8.

auditorium13.jpg Resonance Trance concert 31. 7. 2015 at 20.30h Stone Circle Auditorium, Milna, Brač

With gongs, gitar, didgeredoo and song, we will create a sound space for deep relaxation and healing at the time of the full moon.

“May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on". Mike Heron

Gong baths from 1.8. to 6.8.2015. at 18.30h Stone Circle Auditorium, Milna, Brač

During the gong baths we create a sound environment that resonates with five layers of your body, the physical, energetic, emotional, knowledge and bliss body. The gong baths enable deep relaxation, cleansing and balancing of your chakras. Being your body's energy centres, the main chakras have a diameter of seven to ten centimetres, generate and supply vital organs with life energy.

All gong baths take you through the whole process of reneval, but it is also possible to attend just some of them.

Timetable 1.8.2015 - root and sacral chakras 2.8.2015 solar plexus, 3.8.2015 heart chakra 4.8.2015 throat chaktra, 5.8.2015 third eye, 6.8.2015 crown chakra.

Tea Smonker Selena is a gong master from Ljubljana, Slovenia, (school of Don Conreau, New York), leads gong yoga and has been cooperating with Tribal Jam Orchestra from Zagreb for five years. She plays gongs, other ancient instruments, sings at sound baths and concerts. In Ljubljana she runs the programme gong - resonant transfromation. Member of Gea Viva.

Marko Boško is co-founder of Tribal Jam Orchestra (Zagreb) which he has been leading for five years. He plays gongs, other ancient instruments, sings and organizes koncerts and gong baths in Slovenia and Croatia.

Dejo Lif is from Zagreb and has been playing gitar, drums and other instruments at Tribal Jam Orchestra for three years. He also plays in the band Vibrice (Zagreb) and cooperates with other musicians.

Tickets are available for 70 HRK per event at the the cafe Fjaka and at the 'door'. Information and registration:, T +385 99 7493711 and T +38640226045

Friday, October 31 2014

Celebrating Samhain


31st October marks the beginning of the new year according to Celtic tradition. People used to bring out the skulls of their ancestors to connect with them. Carving the pumkins, we explored the hidden parts of ourselves that we would like to develop, meditated in the stone circle auditorium, lit a fire and the pumkins, of course, and we cooked Jerusalem artichokes and aubergines in the fire.

Sabine Engelhardt

Sunday, October 12 2014

A great celebration


On Saturday, 27th September was the opening concert for the stone circle auditorium - a unique venue at the Gea Viva site, in an olive grove overlooking the sea. Further events will evolve in cooperation with artists and other organisations. The evening began in Milna, where about 100 local people and tourists, old and young, were greeted by Sabine Engelhardt and musicians from Tribal Jam Orchestra, who played while the group was walking to the auditorium.

In the auditorium, the artists who had created the carvings and members of Gea Viva - Manuela Kaniški, Urša Vidic, Ingrid Tasch, Annette Frederking, Ivana Petan and Sabine Engelhardt (Margan Kalb could not be present) presented the work of the association Gea Viva, explained the meaning of the stone circle and thanked all that have supported Gea Viva so far with donations and volonteering.

Gea Viva's work is about creating sustainable ways of living, empowering each individual to develop his or her talents and unique expression to jointly create a culture that is in balance with our natural environment and in which everybody's needs are met.

Klapa Mrduja from Milna warmed the hearts of our guests with traditional Dalmatian harmony singing. The band OPG from Dubrovnik then took the stage, with their original, 'natural' ingenious texts and sounds about Kurkuma, carrots etc. OPG were really enjoying themselves and this joy soon spread across the audience. In the break, pumkin soup, aubergine dip and sweets were on offer, prepared by the Gea Viva members and Lina Labetić with ingredients from the permaculture garden on site. Drinks were donated by the pubs and cafes in Milna.

The gong master Tea Smonker from Slovenia and Tribal Jam Orchestra from Zagreb rounded off the evening with their music to dance and meditate, played on wooden instruments from different cultures, amongst them flutes, drums and digeredoos. At the end the whole audience was on their feet! Manuela Kaniški created this beautiful film for you to relive the event.

All evening one could feel the synergy between the musicians and the audience, and the energy of all that have cooperated in this project. It was a beautiful reminder of the beginning, the geomantic research of different places on the island, which we continued this year with our Hercules project, the heart qualities the island embodies, carving the famous Brac stone, creating the stone circle, a successful crowdfunding campaign, the workshops to build the seating in the stone circle and to restore the dry-stone walling, the venus flower, the permaculture course and creating the giant mosaic dragon at the entrance of the auditorium.

Manuela Kaniški and Sabine Engelhardt

Hercules - a hero's journey

geavivateam.png From 20th-27th September six of us (Manuela Kaniški, Annette Frederking, Ingrid Tasch, Urša Vidic, Manuela Geisler and Sabine Engelhardt) met for the project 'Hercules - a hero's journey'. We explored the deeper meaning Hercules and his labours, their significance for us today and we visited places on Brač that embody qualities and principles we found. Hercules is significant on many levels, for example it is the principle to grow and stretch beyond what one would find easy to accomplish and to tackle challenges that appear impossible to surmount, to take a journey to become 'god-like', in terms of consciously creating one's life experiences and to co-operate with forces and beings on many levels. To all our surprise, Hercules showed himself several times in our meditation as quite small beings that needs our support and recognition. The whole projected started with a Hercules relief, that was carved in Roman times in the quarry of Splitska on Brač, from where stone was quarried for the Diocletian palace in Split.