Marie Roberge

The self-taught painter Marie Roberge took her training in Montreal and Paris. A mother of six, she combined births, travels and exhibitions from 1974 to 1992. Between 1982 and 2004, she participated in solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, Mexico and France.

In 1997, the exhibition of her series "The Feminine Warrior" raised a controversy in Montreal. In 2000, she is hosted by Aboriginal communities in Australia and is told dream stories by the Elders. Inspired by what she heard and saw, she sets up the exhibition 'Signs and Earth' back in Montreal - the result of an exchange between indigenous and non-indigenous contemporary painters. This encounter with the reality of First Nations inspires the painter to her first novel, Dans le nid du falcon, for which she was awarded the Cécile- Gagnon 2005 prize and became finalist for Hackmatack in 2006.

In 2004, after "The Goddesses" exhibition in the Gesù Church in Montreal - an exhibition on feminine energy, that resulted in a second controversy, the pen replaced the brush.
Until now, Marie has published six books for youths and two essays.
Storyteller by default, writer by the heart and painter by gut feeling, she heard again the call of the colors in 2013 and dedicates herself to painting and poetry pending further guidance of her soul.

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